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An inside Conversation with James Turner, Creative Lead, Waitrose

Emma Sexton sits down with James Turner, Creative Lead at Waitrose to discuss his in-house journey, common patterns, and the impact of building a brand inside out.

James has always worked in-house, raising the ambition, scope, and effectiveness of brands such as Moonpig, Sony, Joseph Joseph, Harvey Nichols, and PhotoBox. James discusses the common patterns he has observed across all the in-house creative teams he has worked in, from getting creative embedded higher to demonstrating how creative adds value.

He also talks about the importance of influencing business strategy, recruiting the best possible talent and the three pillars that make an in-house creative team thrive.

James shares so much and provides so many useful insights that this one is well worth a watch!

The full conversation is available to watch on our Inside Out Membership Hub. Click here for more details.

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