Awards FAQs

In-Housing is simply when a business hires people into a team rather than outsourcing the work to an agency or third party. In-housing is being rapidly adopted across many businesses, enabling greater agility, increased efficiency, and convenience.

We accept entries from any in-house creative teams. If the business you are based within is not predominately selling creative services, and your team are seen as a support function, then you qualify.

The individual teams can enter but there must not be any additional creative support from the parent agency. For instance, if a creative agency is placing core team members inside their client business on a short-term basis they would be disqualified as entering as an in-house creative team.

  • Thursday 21st March 2024 –  Open for entries
  • Tuesday 2nd July 2024 – Deadline for ALL entries 
  • Tuesday 3rd September 2024 –  Judges Day
  • Thursday 5th September 2024 – Shortlist announced
  • Thursday 24th October 2024 – Winners announced

Award Categories: Celebrating the work and the team 

  • Non-Member Fee: £399 per entry
  • Member Fee: £199 per entry

Nomination Categories: Celebrating individual achievement

  • Non-Member Fee £99 per entry
  • Member Fee FREE

Projects entered must have been created between September 2022 and December 2023 and not previously submitted to the awards.

Ensure you include the names; job titles and email addresses of all team members who contributed to the project. If you are to make the shortlist or win, we want to ensure that everyone is recognised.

No. You can enter as many projects into as many categories as you like.

Yes. A project may be submitted in multiple categories where relevant, but you need to send separate entries via PDF.

Yes. Try to choose a short title that is unique to the project. Choose it carefully, as this will be the name used in all publications and social media references of the project.

We deliberately don’t impose word limits, but do keep in mind the judges read several submissions, so clear and concise entries are strongly advised.

Award Submissions should be in the form of a PDF document, no more than 15 slides in length.

When nominating an individual for a Rising Star Award or Outstanding Contribution Award, please aim for 5 slides/pages

In addition, remember to use lots of visual examples. These are Creative Awards after all!

Selecting the right mix of judges is imperative to the fairness, integrity, and transparency of our judging process. We work hard to select a diverse team of judges with a range of knowledge and skills to provide our judging panel with a robust mix of expertise. All our Judges, therefore, hold a senior position and have experience, expertise and/or positive profile within the industry to participate in our judging process.

Below is a summary of this year’s judging process.

  • All entries will be sent to the Awards team by the 2nd of July and checked for eligibility and accuracy.
  • All eligible entries shall be evenly distributed amongst the Judging Panel for initial review.
  • The Judges will come together in September to discuss each entry, allocate scores against criteria, and make recommendations.
  • By the end of Judges Day, each category will have a shortlist of entries and an award winner.
  • Award winners will be announced on Thursday 24th October 2024.

Entries that have been shortlisted will be announced on the Inside Out Awards website on the 5th of September 2024. All shortlisted entries will also be notified via email by a member of the awards team.

No, you must complete the entry form and make payment at the same time. All entries must be submitted by Tuesday 2nd July 2024.

Only in extenuating circumstances will edits and resubmissions be allowed. The awards team must be notified via email and the circumstances discussed before any resubmissions are sent.

Nominations are open to anyone working within an in-house creative team in the UK and EMEA. 

Individuals must be working within the team at the time of nomination.

Those working on a contract or freelance basis are eligible to be nominated.

Anyone within the in-house creative team or wider organisation can nominate.

Those working on a contract or freelance basis are eligible to nominate others.

  • Nominations should be in the form of a PDF document, approximately 5 slides in length.
  • Provide some background information that explains why you are nominating the individual.
  • Describe a specific instance or project where the individual exemplified their special contribution or creativity. 
  • Outline the impact the contribution/achievement has had on the in-house creative team and the Business.
  • You may wish to include examples of their work and links to news articles, case studies, videos, or social media posts.
  • You may wish to include some statements from colleagues outlining your nominee’s work, contribution, or achievements.

Our awards are designed especially for in-house creative teams, so no matter the budget, business constraints or team capability, we have a category for you.