Top 10 Tips to help you prepare your Inside Out Award entry

Writing an award entry doesn’t have to be difficult or indeed time-consuming. You just need to plan, gather your greatest creative assets and articulate your success story.

So, whether you have already decided to enter this year’s inside out award’s, or you are still thinking about it, we have pulled together our top 10 tips to help you prepare your next award-winning entry!

  1. Review and consider your team’s achievements (Focus on work completed between September 2022 – December 2023)
  2. Identify your award-winning stories – what’s your angle, what’s given you results, what’s the impact
  3. Assess the Inside Out Award categories and select the most appropriate and worthwhile category for your team to enter
  4. Note down the judging criteria for your chosen category – What do you need to demonstrate within your entry
  5. Collaborate with the team to help identify content examples and articulate key messages for inclusion
  6. Give yourself time to collate the content
  7. Tell your story, remember to provide a beginning, middle and an end!
  8. Stay focused on your key messages
  9. Include results, data, feedback and testimonials to communicate your ROI (Have a look at our 26 ways you can demonstrate your ROI in design for ideas)
  10. Read and proofread your submission

We know from experience that the entry process alone is a fantastic way to review and appraise your business, products and services. So, enjoy looking back, applaud your successes and good luck with your entry!