The 2023 Global Benchmark Report: Offshore Creative Production

Amnet are an independent global creative production studio and leaders in Smartshoring®; a hybrid model of offshore hubs and regional client service teams.

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As we enter 2023, with the pandemic still fresh in our minds, there has been a further surge in economic uncertainty, resulting in price rises, a drop in consumer spending and high inflation.

Businesses and brands around the world are leaning on their marketing, operations and procurement teams as well as their in-house studios to explore more commercially effective models to deliver the “content-at-scale” challenge that all brands are wrestling with.

This has resulted in a inevitable shift towards more flexible, economically viable production models. There is now a greater relative investment in offshore production, than in any other production model, with an emphasis on studios that can provide lower-cost resources at scale, while ensuring quality standards, communication excellence, and cultural alignment are preserved.

As companies strive to find the balance between their in-house studios, offshore partners or hubs and external agencies, more contemporary forms of offshore production, including Smartshoring®, are being adopted.

“In-house agencies should always have an offshore partner to take on the work that they can’t take on. My offshore partner stepped up and delivered by getting 600 assets out of the door in two weeks.”


Download your copy of the report by clicking on the image below.

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