Inside Out Hub featured by GUILD

We are creating something special, and the Guild thinks so too.

Guild is a platform purpose-built for professional groups, networks, and communities to connect, communicate and collaborate. They are passionate about helping community creators (like us) to grow communities of expertise of the highest quality, integrity, and value.

That’s why, Inside Out chose the Guild platform to host our online community for in-house creative leaders.

Having grown our community to over 100 in-house creative leaders since its launch in March 2022, Guild asked us to reflect on what has made the creation of our community so successful.

The community had already started to form

In our view, the community, in part, was already starting to form through our monthly group coaching Breakfast Clubs. It was an obvious evolution to then create an online community for those individuals to continue those conversations, to connect on a deeper level and to harness more insights.

1-2-1 on-boarding calls

Once we had welcomed our Breakfast Club members into the Hub, we then started to connect with other in-house creative leaders from various brands across the UK and Europe.

For those who were curious, we invited them to join a 1-2-1 call to allow us to better understand the needs of that in-house creative team. It’s only when we understand the team and its challenges, can we then better facilitate and curate the most relevant conversations and connections.

Inclusive and open to all

We have also been deliberate in insuring brands both large and small across all sectors have equal opportunities to engage in the community, something that the community is eager to maintain.

Considered slow growth

Furthermore, from the start, we took a deliberate slow approach to growth, inviting only 2-3 new members per month. This has ensured our existing community members do not feel overwhelmed with new connections and has helped build trust and participation.

No expectations

Lastly, we have made it clear that there is no pressure to contribute with any particular frequency. We understand people are busy and some weeks responding and posting new content just isn’t a priority.

Power of a little black book

Without intention, we have created a little black book of the most trailblazing in-house creative leaders, establishing a go-to destination for peer-to-peer support, advice, and guidance.

Value in the power of community

2023 sees the launch of the Inside Out Community, a new membership offering, created to give in-house creative leaders the connections, insights and knowledge they need for creative impact and influence. Our Guild group is now part of that membership offering.

As we enter a new phase, We are truly excited to continue building our community on Guild and would like to thank them for featuring us as a community who is operating to the highest quality, integrity and adding real value to its members.

Find out about our Membership.

GUILDS full case study on the Inside Out Hub can be found here.

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