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Better Together: An in-house insight into collaboration, co-creation, and communication

Collaboration, co creation and communication are a regular trio that are often discussed and debated amongst our community of in-house creative leaders.

We were therefore keen to delve into these connected topics, as we know that many in-house creative teams are finding collaborating in a hybrid workplace, across departments and with multiple stakeholders a real challenge.

Tabitha Winter, Director of Creative Services at EntainChris Booth, Associate Creative Director at The LEGO Agency and Sarah Curry, Associate Director at Savills, joined the panel for an hour of open and honest conversation, sharing their experiences and insights on this topic.

Our conversation focused on 5 key areas of collaboration. How collaboration can contribute to better briefsbetter workbetter individual outputbetter teamwork, and positive team culture.

Interestingly, some common themes emerged. So, in no particular order, here are just a few snippets of advice and wise words to help you better collaborate.

  • Allow people to have the creative space and creative freedom to be collaborative.

  • Empower and trust people to do what they do best.             

  • Lean on the skill set of the whole team and help others upskill.

  • Develop a culture where everyone is responsible, and everyone is tasked with bringing something to the table. 

  • Regularly celebrate the work of your team and people’s contribution to it.

  • Regularly showcase each other’s work and skills across the team and wider organisation.

  • Have honest and open communication and more collaboration will come.

  • Be curious, connect with others and find out what people do and how you can support each other. And lastly,  

  • You don’t know what you don’t know, and you never know when the next insights come from! Be open to all conversations, interactions, and opportunities

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