Tips for seeking the right in-house creative role

It is a wild wild west out there for recruitment with restructuring and redundancies

We are regularly having lots of conversations with in-house creative leaders looking for help with their job search.

Our advice to people has been to ‘think like a business’. Here are some questions to ask yourself…

Who are you REALLY for?

Be clear on the 2/3 problems that you enjoy or have a track record of solving (this is your proposition). Companies are hiring to fix problems and achieve ambitions – help them decide if you can help them early on.

Are you being a ‘scatter gun’?

It is tempting to apply for everything but you increase the rejections you receive and you waste your time applying for things when you could be busy finding something else instead. Stay focused on what you really want.

Are you being flexible?

Make yourself ‘easy to buy’ by saying you are open to freelance and permanent roles. A full time hire takes a long time so it is risky and decision making can take a long time – but hiring you as a freelancer in the short term gives them a chance to test you out.

Are you turning your features into benefits?

It is an easy task to list your skills, but many lists we see are just expected when you are at a leadership level. So what is your unique impact? We fed one person’s list of features along with all of their testimonials into Claude.AI and asked it to “summarise the main characteristics and goals achieved for the person they are talking about to use on their CV”. This prompt gave a much more personalised summary.

The creative job market shows no signs of calming down anytime soon. But by adopting a professional, business-minded approach to your search, you can increase your chances of being the one who secures that next great opportunity. Trust your skills, sell your value, and hang in there through this wild period.

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